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A challenging opening hole that will require most players to go with less than driver off of the tee. Your second shot will be a mid to long iron approach, into a green that slopes back to front.
Par is a good opening score! 


The first of 4 par 3s on the course. Your approach shot will be to a narrow green. Getting the ball at least pin high is key here to avoid the creek and bunker that are short of the green.

The first par 5 on the course is long but straight. Your tee shot requires you to miss a fairway bunker to the right. The hole opens up as you get closer to the green that again is pitched back to front. Missing short is a much easier up and down than being long of this green.

A downhill par 3 that plays its entire yardage. The pond is not in play for a solidly struck golf shot, any misses short or just right of the green are fine.

Another uphill par 5 that will play its full yardage. The only trouble on this hole is the homes on either side of the fairway and a grass bunker just short of the green. This is a hole that should provide a little breather after the tough opening stretch.

A straight forward slightly uphill par 4. This is one of the most generous fairways on the course. The miss on the drive is to the left to avoid the fairway bunker. Shots that end up short right or left will find bunkers.

Choose your club off the tee wisely on this par 4. The fairway falls off to a small ravine just over 100 yards away from the green. Keep your tee shot up the left center and it will leave a wedge approach into a green that slopes severely back to front. Avoid being above this hole, the end result will be a three putt or worse!

One of the tougher par 4s on the course, this hole is fairly straight with water and bunkers up the left side. A good drive will leave you with a mid to long iron approach to a large green. This green is sloped right to left and you want to avoid the green side bunker to the left. Par is a great score on this hole.

A short par 4 to finish the front side. Clear the ravine with your drive and you will be left with an approach inside of 130 yards to the green. Short right is the miss coming into this green. Birdie is a possibility on this hole.


A short dogleg left par 4 to start the back side. Avoid the water on the left off the tee and the fairway bunker to the right side of the fairway. An accurate tee shot will rewarded with a short iron or wedge into this large green. The green is guarded by water and a bunker on the left.

This par 4 is a tricky dogleg right, place your drive as close to the corner of the fairway as possible to leave a straight forward, slightly downhill approach to the green. Water and a large bunker protect the left side of the fairway and front of the green.

This is the hardest par 3 on the course. The tee shot is all uphill to a relatively large green. Missing left will leave you well below the putting surface with a tricky pitch. Hitting your tee shot to the correct portion of the green is a must. Par is a great score on this hole.

This is another straight forward par 5 that plays all of its length. Avoid the fairway bunker on the right with your tee shot and you will have a chance to go at the green in two. Missing short or just left of the green leaves you with a rather simple up and down opportunity.

A slight dogleg right par 4. Avoid the bunker on the right corner of the fairway off the tee and again you will be rewarded with a short iron into the green and another scoring chance.

A tight hole that requires you to layup with a fairway wood. The fairway ends and drops down into a ravine 120 yards from the green. A tee shot up the right center gives you the best chance at attacking this par 4 green for another scoring opportunity. Shots that end up short will find the ravine or a large bunker guarding this long narrow green.

A short but tight par 4 with a pond that comes into play off the tee. Accuracy is must off the tee to give you the best chance at taking advantage of this late scoring opportunity. The green is guarded by a small pond and bunkers left and right.

The final par 3, another uphill hole that plays its full yardage. Getting the ball pin high will give you a great chance at getting out of here with par whether you hit or miss the green. The green is guarded by two large bunkers.

A beautiful finishing hole that plays downhill off of the tee. A good drive gives you a chance to attack this par 5 in two if you choose. Your second shot is all uphill so make sure your approach is long enough to carry the water that guards the green. Any shots left on this hole will result in a high number.


Andrew Lardner

Head Golf Pro

Seth Hall

Assistant Golf Pro

Chase Best


Taylor Frey

Assistant Superintendent


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