Polo Fields 2021 Summer Ringer Boards

Polo Fields 2021 Summer Ringer Boards

Polo Fields CC Summer Ringer Boards

Ringer Board Registration! 

Season: June 1st-August 31st
Entry Fee: $25.00 GROSS/NET Division (Billed to the account)

Prizes: Merchandise Gift Certificates

Format: Ringer Board

Play your first 18 hole round and record all of your scores for that day. When you play your second round, any holes that you better from your previous round will be changed on the ringer board.

Example: A ringer board in golf is used to accumulate the best score for every hole during a season. For example: If you score a 7 on the first hole of a round one day, then on another you score a 4 on the first hole. The 7 would be deleted and replaced with the 4. If you then score a 5 on the first hole, the 4 would remain. At the end of the season the ringer board would then show the best score for each hole played during the season.
Tees: You must choose which tees you will play from, for the entire season. You must play from these tees the whole season.

We will have overall winners each month and for the season

Club rules must be enforced
All better scores must be circled on the scorecard
Play the ball up in the fairway and down in the rough
You must play with another person and scorecards must be signed
You must play a full 18 holes for scores to be validated
Return scorecards to golf shop for validation
Handicap will be recorded July 1st for Net Division
Ties will be decided by committee


Andrew Lardner, PGA